An emotionally charged debut novel, told through the voices of three family members, who learn that when your world changes, so does your destination….

Stay-at-home mom Piper Whitman Hart is too close to her nine-year-old son Fred to realize that his idiosyncrasies are signs of something more. And just when his diagnosis of autism sends her life reeling, she’s dragged back into the orbit of her emotionally abusive father, Lance, after a heart attack leaves him with brain damage.

Fred is in need of a friend. Lance is in need of care. And Piper just wants to feel stable ground beneath her feet. What she never expects is that Fred and Lance–both misunderstood by the world–will start to connect in the most miraculous of ways…

“[An] absorbing novel about the vulnerability and heartbreak of family life, its unexpected pleasures and pains...Brown’s swift story toggles between three powerful voices, each an irresistible swirl of self-protection and exposure, each struggling with the age-old dilemma of how an individual survives life inside a tribe.”
—Susanna Daniel, author of Stiltsville and Sea Creatures